When did I turn old?

I want to know when I stopped being part of the Vogue and Bazaar target market and became the target of More magazine. On November I turned forty. It was not a happy birthday. So I am strolling down the local Borders and sure enough I see More magazine with Sharon Stone on the cover. I’m a big fan of hers so I decide to take the magazine home. It sat on my table for three weeks and then I opened it. And I read, and read, and read the whole thing from cover to cover. It was like they were talking to me personally.
What I do know for sure is this. We do not have the same issues as twenty year olds, nor do we have the same medical and health concerns. And unlike them, we now know EXACTLY what we want and how to get it. So why don’t you join me as I struggle to get healthy and fit.
I am 5’3″ and weight 182 lbs. And I am celebrating because at this time last year I was 210 lbs. My goal for the next six months is to loose 40 pounds without touching another cigarette. I hope you join me in this process and offer suggestions and encouragement. And to all the other 40 year old women who cannot believe we are this old, take heart, 40 is just a number.


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