Drinking habits

I believe in getting all the free information that can help me. One of the topics I subscribe to is health. I receive about 6 or 7 e-zines a day. One of them had an article about the effects of soda. Since my resolution is to become healthy, soda has been vanished from my diet and my daughter’s. Soda companies need not fear my decision: my husband drinks enough soda a day to make up for my one can a day and my daughter’s. He has soda for breakfast, with a cigarette, another one when he actually eats breakfast. Another soda to have with his fast food lunch and another one with dinner. That does not include the one he is usually drinking while watching games on TV. Long story short, the article is explaining how soda is not only bad for your weight, but also messes up your teeth, can help diabetes, etc. I have had no soda since New Year’s Eve: yes, three full days ago. But I don’t miss it. And if you decide to knock soda off your diet, I hope you don’t miss it either. Stay strong.


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