Another day of learning… and growing

First, the bad news. According to the scale, I am 185, which means I gained 5 pounds. But I have no way of knowing if that is Xmas weight gain, water retention, or both, because I just started my cycle. If I weight 180 by Friday, then we know I will be screaming this from the top of every building in PR. Now for the good news, I decided to do an Hour of Power to dedicate to myself. What does that mean?
From time to time, I will share with you certain programs that I have purchased in order to get healthy in mind, body and soul. I might not always be able to tell you where I got the information, but seing as these are my opinions, I don’t think I am legally bound to like everything I read or watch. I am an American citizen living in America and there is this thing called the Constitution which guarantees my right to say I did not like a particular program. However, I personally do not believe in trashing other products or services. I am in the services industry and I think that less is more when it comes to dislikes. I would appreciate that if you don’t like a product or system, or something that I said, you act apropriately. No cursing, no slamming people or their products. A simple “I don’t agree… or I don’t like…” is sufficient.
Back to the hour of Power. This comes from a very famous Coach whose program I own and out of all the things this person teaches, this happens to be my favorite. It speaks to this need I now understand of taking care of myself first. Some people never learn that if you don’t take care of yourself, you really are not going to be able to take care of anything or anyone else. This Hour includes 45 minutes of exercise, which today included some stationary biking, lifting and dancing. I feel great, five hours later. This is about slow and steady for me.


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