Update, how am I really doing this week

Today is Thursday and in PR it is 12:02 PM. I just had lunch, if you could call it that, and there was nothing healthy about that. To be honest, apart from the exercise, this week sucks diet wise. Understand, I have no intention on following any particular diet. What I really want is to retrain myself to eat healthy and take care of myself because this is a change for the rest of my life.

A funny thing happened as I got older. Symptoms for common situations change. I have a girlfriend, who shall remain nameless unless she chooses to post on my blog, and she has never had a weight problem. Trust me, I know this chick since 6th grade, although we were in the same school since 4th, and as an adult, fat for her has been probably 120. But she is turning 40 this year if memory serves me, and she does not have a weight problem, but she is starting to feel those aches and pains we used to associate to old people. Until she emailed me a couple of days ago, I had not associated certain things with just getting older.

I realize I am going around in circles but keep up with me and I do have a point. When I was in my teens, they gave us this little book in school about the symptoms of puberty. Ok, they were talking about the P word(.) I remember they said bloating, cramps, headaches, breast swelling, leg pain, back pain,…. on and on it went. But at that age, the only symptom I had was cramps and the obvious. As I got older, I swear to God I have every single symptom and a few I had no idea of. And they keep getting worse.

Another example of a condition that worsens with age: my sugar blood level has never been great, it dips for no reason. When you take into account how much chocolate I eat, it makes no sense that my blood sugar is low. Anyway, when I was young, the order of symptoms was simple and predictable: dizziness, followed by a cold sweat, shivering and then the urge to hurl. By the third incident, I had carbs in my mouth by the time the cold sweats hit. Since 2006, I have improved somewhat my eating habits, although not always. But the last two incidents reversed the symptoms and now I have no warning. The first incident was in June while visiting Rome (yes, Italy, I know I am poor but you know sometimes opportunities appear and you just grab them and think about consecuences later). The first symptom was the urge to kiss a porcelain goddess. I don’t know about you, but if I feel like puking I automatically think food poisoning. Later on we figured out what it was. Now the reason why I know that the symptoms are changing is because on Tuesday I confirmed it. After 25 minutes of exercising, I had to run to the bathroom with dry heaves and discovered that my symptoms are still the same for sugar drops, only they have been exactly reversed.
So what is my point? First, I wanted to vent my frustrations out. Second, the real lesson that I learned from all this is: you have to learn to be flexible, listen to your body and adapt your strategies to your changing bodies. As you get older, things might change, but that does not mean you cannot live a healthy, happy life. I am here for you if you want to vent too. I welcome your comments.


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