The power of endorphins

First thing: I am sorry I have “disappeared” for the last week. I was doing really well and between the job search not going real well and the stress of regular life, I forgot to post.
Second: It is really amazing that my friends and family are not posting answers here but I am getting responses from complete strangers. This is the true power of the internet and I am deeply touched by your encouragement. Thank you. Now for my friends and family, don’t email me about this stuff. Write it here. I am checking up on you guys and I love the support. You guys have given me some great answers that I would like to share with others.
Now for the endorphins thing. I am not going to give you some scientific explanation or medical information. I am talking from experience. Now we all know that women tend to get a little touchy at certain times of the month. Add to that the regular stress of life and you have a combo for mild depression. The solution came from the booming voice of my daughter’s father. He told me to get off my butt and go for a walk. And we did. For two days now we have gone for a four mile walk around the neighborhood in the early hours of the morning. He said the exercise would lift my spirits. It did more than that. I got rid of my back pain, (ok, my legs are sore but I’d rather be sore from that), I feel less sad and more importantly, I am awake. Usually I go for the POWER NAP (about an hour and a half) and now I only need twenty minutes. It is getting me back to where I was before December, where I walked 3 times a week and exercised at home. It broke the rut and I feel great. Plus, I have not gained any weight back because my eating habits are not that terrible. So get off your butts, and do something. For those of you in cold weather, walk the mall. Just don’t take any money if you are strapped for cash. I don’t want to feel responsible for a financial crisis, LOL. Hope to hear from you soon.


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