There will be good days and bad days

Today is supposed to be a good day. The whole day is planned and if everything gets accomplished, I will get home at 11 PM exhausted but happy. I am taking Anna to a concert. She is 15 and loves music (like her mother) and even though she pretended not to care if I got money for the tickets, she can’t stop talking about Ricky Martin today. It is the last day he will be in PR, and we got tickets close to the ceiling of the Coliseum, but it does not matter to her.
The weekend was not happy. It never ceases to amaze me the effect your mood can have on your food and exercise choices. This weekend I did nothing. I ate crap and I did not move at all. Why? Because I had a sabotage to my efforts on Friday, and the effects of this event marred my good intentions. I am still feeling down about what happened but I refuse to let anyone or any thing deter me from my goals. I will loose anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds this year. I will not smoke any cigarettes for the rest of the year (yes, I quit already and I am not craving them as much as I thought I would). I will be able to go on vacation and not be embarrassed by my body. I will improve my calf condition so that I can walk next year on the Worlds best 10k here in PR. I will have a better life and eat better than I have until now. All of this is part of the program, and no one will make me stray, but I am not going to pretend like some times it does not hurt when the people that you have around try to ruin it for you. Sometimes it’s the ones that you have sacrificed the most for that prove to you over and over again that your sacrifice means nothing.
This weekend is the Quality of Life Expo here at the Convention Center. I will talk more about this in a future spot. Keep trying…!


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