Don’t give up

So, I went to see Ricky Martin on his last concert in PR. It was amazing. I don’t even like Ricky that much and I danced along and screamed like a teen ager. It was fun but unfortunately, Anna got sick and she did not enjoy it as much as I wish. (She screamed enough that today she has no voice left, so I guess she did enjoy it). Today she is home, with a massive sinus infection (and no voice). Even though the weekend was miserable, and Monday was a logistical nightmare, I have to say that I managed to keep my spirits up. Today, it is a new day. I am organizing a routine that I can actually follow. I gave up cigarettes and now I am working on the soda. I realize is too soon to drop one thing when the other is so recent, but the truth is that you have to go at your own pace and this makes me feel better. I already feel more energized. Try it for yourself. Make a list of all those habits that are not so positive and decide to give up one. The feeling of empowerment will give you the momentum and when you are ready, tackle the next one. Build on your successes and don’t give up.


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