A lot of things have been written about chocolate. Today is the one day of the Year when no one looks at you funny for eating chocolate. So I decided to give my often uneducated view on chocolate for the benefits of those who like me, are trying to get healthy and loose weight.
I have no intention on quitting chocolate. For one thing, it is the only way you get me to drink milk on a daily basis. If I can’t pour Quik on my milk, there is no way I will ever drink it. I have done this since I was ten years old. The other reason why I have no intention on quitting chocolate is because I am a chocoholic. I quit cigarettes, I quit soda, I am abandoning all the other goodies. I believe that you should not give up EVERYTHING you want because in doing so you predispose yourself to fail. Besides, dark chocolate has some ingredient that supposedly is good for you. I say, I will drink a chocolate milk to that, while enjoying my Valentine’s day Godiva Dark Chocolate box in the next couple of days (hey, I said I indulge, not that I eat them all in one sitting). Keep trying.


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