Better food choices

Today I decided that my diet needs a mayor overhaul. The way I discovered this was really a no brainer (the kind of no brainer that has to hit you over the head before you admit that you know what you know). It so happens that I drank a soda and right after I lost all the energy in my body. No more sodas for me. I found out that there is a place about 20 miles from here that sells organic fruits and vegetables on Saturdays. However, tomorrow we have the Quality of Life Expo starting at the Convention Center and I might be able to check it out tomorrow. Right now, the only thing I can tell you is that the least amount of cooking I do, the better I feel. Yes, I am leaning towards certain uncooked food, but I am not ready to do the Demi Moore thing yet. My girlfriend, MG mentioned the organic thing to me recently, and I think it is important that I consider it. More info on this later. I promisse whatever I learn I will share with you here. Keep trying!


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