Finally, I get to walk again

As promised, posts are now every other day. I can tell you that for the last five days I could not go walking. My right calf muscle was acting up again. But I have spent Monday and Tuesday without going for my usual walk, and my body was not happy. Last night I was woken up at 4:00 AM in the morning with the toughest cramps I have experienced in a very long time. Today I went to the beach and walked for 45 minutes.
As far as the diet is concerned, you know that I am not dieting, just trying to eat better quality foods. I was able to find several things at the local Costco. I got Organic salad, organic grape tomatoes (EXCELLENT!!!), organic spinach and organic tomato soup. The soup is to die for. Monday and Tuesday I had soup for lunch and salad for dinner, with either chicken or shrimp. I have smaller portions now. I am having the equivalent of three meals and two snacks each day. I am not feeling hungry most of the time. I have lost three pounds, but I gained ten in the last three months, which means that I started at 190. It is very disturbing that I am fighting the same damn ten pounds all the time. But now, with the need to exercise firmly controlled and my diet choices improving, I hope that I start seeing some great results soon. We’ll see. Keep trying!


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