185 and counting…

I am happy today. After having only one soda in the last two weeks, and having relatively healthy meals for the last week (OK, yesterday I had pizza, which is also the reason for the soda, who eats pizza with something other than soda?!!!), I am now back to 185 and going down. I have incorporated a lot of small bursts of exercises during the day, specially while at work. It has been a learning experience to get used to locking myself in my office and working from home. But the structure of the job makes it very easy for me to work and give 100%. I have only two priorities for this month: my healthy body and my job. Both are on track. This is a short post because today I go to work early and get off early, which is great because I have all kinds of plans for myself for this weekend. I am spending the night in, first time in almost four months that I stay home on a Friday night. I intend to get a lot of work done organizing my office tomorrow. Tomorrow night I have to study and review my vocabulary. Then on Sunday I plan to take it easy, wake up late and if I have money, take my daughter out to lunch. Another advantage of working from home, housework gets done during the week and I actually can have the weekend to myself. Keep trying.


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