Some bad news stop you dead on your tracks and others…

make you so angry that they fuel your dreams. It so happens that I have been dissed by a “friend” that feels more important than me. It is this “friend’s” understanding that his life and his job are more important than most people and so he does not need to apologize or be nice to others who are beneath him.
The discovery that one of my friends thinks this way is not only appalling, it is downright disgusting, and something I do not tolerate. Let me start by saying that no ones life is more important than any other life. Second, I want you to know that I am done being everyone’s babysitter and being there for everyone when I have yet to see a friend in PR who treats me the same way that I treat them, except for P.A.T. All my other friends are more than glad to call and cry but have no time for me. I’m done. Every time I have a problem, I sit and eat my weight in chocolate but when they have problems they call me and vent their frustrations. Not anymore. I will not make your life my problem, if you need help, hire a psychologist. As far as the “friend”, I have been eliminated out of his life so I really don’t have to tell him to fry an egg.
It did hurt but I have so many personal issues to take care of that this is just a smudge in the windshield of my life. I am going to keep exercising and doing well. Keep trying.


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