Life gets in the way

Well, it is true, life gets in the way. Sometimes you don’t work out because “life gets in the way”. Other times you decide to eat junk food because you got really busy with “life getting on the way”. After a while, living can get on the way of all your goals if you don’t step back and realize that you have to live life and not let life live you.
I have not written on this blog for over two months. I had some weeks where I worked out every day of the work week. There are some weeks that I only had three days to work out. The bottom line is that even working out more than before, most of the time “life got in the way” and I did not eat as well as I should have. This is the plan for the week:
I intend to work out at least an hour every day this week. I plan on eating more fruits and vegetables this week. I plan on spending the weekend revamping my work from home plan (now that I have a full time job from home I want to create a business I can run around my schedule, in order to maximize my income). I need to learn to make this site and my space interesting, and then I am going to start campaining to get more people to look at what I have to say. This week, however, I plan on writting every other day, until I get used to spending that much time in front of a computer again.


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