Nutrition: The trick with vegetables

I discovered recently that any meal can be improved with the addition of a few veggies. Say you have a meal that is 300 calories, out of which 150 are fat. Add two servings of veggies to your meal (200 calories) and your numbers improve. Why? Logic. If you have a 300 calorie meal, fat is 50% of that meal. Adding the vegetables makes this meal 30% fat, which is not so terrible. If the vegetables are uncooked or steamed with no added fat, even better. Plus, vegetables make you feel full, not stuffy.
When you do something like that during lunch time, you end up feeling ready for the rest of the day. If you stuff your face with the regular carbs like pasta or rice, you feel stuffed and the afternoon drags out. You even feel like taking a nap instead of taking on the day.
That is my version of the good thing about vegetables. I realize that I am not teaching you anything but that is not the point. Sometimes we know all the information and we still do the wrong things, specially with our diet. Some times what we need is something that sounds logical, not clinical. If you add vegetables to your diet it does not really matter what the reason is, just that you are doing the right thing.


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