Exercise: The move of the week – remember ballet

I took ballet lessons for a year (maybe two) when I was young. I actually have the pictures to proove it. Anyway, I remember the most important time of the class was the practice in the bar. I had to stand with a semipoint and with the other foot, lift to the front, to the side and to the back. Then turn and do with the other leg. Now I am 40 years old and I work at home. But I have learned to recognize when I can take about two or three minutes, stand up, give my butt a rest and do this. As many times as I can, I get up, use the desk as a ballet bar and I do 10 lifts to each side (total 30 per leg) and then I turn around and do it with the opposite leg. Today I did it three separate times.
The important thing is to add little exercises throught out your leg. You do that for two reasons:
1) you need to give your butt a break at least once an hour (in my job, the brakes are once every two hours, so you need to get creative in order to stand up at least once every hour).
2) every little bit helps. If your butt is sore or your arms feel like you did some lifting the next day, you will see the fruits of your labor.
You have to be patient, you have to be consistent. You need to keep at it if you want to make it. Let’s keep working at it.


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