Motivation: unrelated events could serve as strong motivation

Today I found out that I am being asked for training for the next level at the company I work for. They sent me the study materials, which is a huge amount of info, but I am honored, proud and extremely happy that I have been considered for advancement.
Why would this serve as motivation? My job involves sitting at a desk at home for eight hours listening on the phone and interpreting conversations. This means that my job is sedentary and the way that it is structured, the breaks and everything is structured perfectly. During the colder months I can take my lunch hour and exercise, take a shower and have lunch. But now, in the summer months, it is too hot for that, so exercise has to happen before or after. Plus, you do not want to be a statistic. Normally, people that work sedentary positions gain weight. I intend to break free from that stereotype. I am working hard at it. I will let you know how that works out in the coming months. Meanwhile, wish me luck. I really want this promotion.


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