Ramblings: what is wrong with this picture?

I am drinking two litters of water a day. I am trying to stay away from soda and juice. This week I only had one serving of each. The only problem is that I am going to the lady’s once an hour, every hour. It boils down to 19 times a day. That is not only abnormal, it is frustrating and obnoxious. It frustrates me, but at the same time, I lost five pounds of water weight in three days (I was 195 on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday I went back to 190. – By the way, I am not obsessed, I was shocked that I went up to 195 and I kept standing on the scale in the hope of seeing that number reduced). Here is the thing: I did the skin test and I am retaining enough water to leave a welt on my leg every time I test for water retention. Isn’t drinking more water supposed to eliminate the water retention? What can I do now? Any suggestions?


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