Take care of your mental health

One of the great effects of exercise is that it releases endorphins. They make you feel happy, even if for a short while. Sometimes, we can’t exercise as often as we like, and for those of us who suffer from mild cases of depression, the effects can be devastating. Not only do you feel guilty because you can’t exercise, but you feel sad and it does not go away. If you are not careful, those sad feelings remain, for a long time.
For people who need or believe in medication, this is not a sermon or a request for you not to follow your doctor’s orders. This is just for people that can control their mild depression with some form of exercise, proper diet and plenty of rest.
Take care of yourself. I know that most of the time, the experts say that you should not stop exercising. But if you have a serious disease, or simply you feel exhausted, take a day or two off. Be kind to yourself first and foremost. And whatever you do, don’t overdo it. Everything in excess is bad. Moderation is the key to enjoying your whole life. Keep trying.

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