Nutrition: don't skip any meals

I eat five meals a day. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks. In the menu today:
Breakfast: one egg omelet with potatoes O’Brien, lean ham and a splash of cheese
Snack 1: watermelon and cantaloupe slices with a certain Italian ham I love (very salty)
Lunch: 3 ounces of lean pork with salad
Snack 2: bowl of strawberries
Dinner: 3 ounces of pink salmon with vegetables
Is it the healthiest menu? No, but what I do, in order to eat everything I like is to control the portions and drink a ton of water. As the days go on and I find new things to try, the menus will get better. The bottom line, right now for me, it is the ultimate sacrifice to not skip a meal. I have hypoglycemia, I am not supposed to skip meals. Yet I do it ALL the time. So to me, it is more important right now to learn to NOT SKIP any meals. Besides, I don’t believe in eliminating everything. I think all in moderation is better. What do you think? Keep trying.


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