Nutrition: do what works for you

Due in part by recent events in my surroundings, a lot of the conversations I’ve had recently with friends and family relate to different diet programs: the low carb, the no carb, the salad diet, the grapefruit, the high carb, the Mediterranean… the bottom line is that people have to do lifestyle changes and not one particular diet.
Take me for example: I could do the low carb diet for about a month, after that, bread would start calling me and I will hear that call. I love bread, and chocolate. What am I supposed to do? Simply put, I have to listen to my body, and instead of eliminating any one food or any one source, all I do is cut portions. So last night I had penne and meat sauce. It was delicious, I wish I could have two plate fulls of the stuff. I decided my figure would thank me later and ate one plate and it was not full. The thing was to have a taste of what I wanted, without overindulging. That seems to work for me. I lost one pound last week. If I loose one pound a week until the end of the year, that will be 14 pounds by the end of the week. If I loose two, that will be 28 which is closer to my immediate goal of loosing 30 by year’s end. Let’s see how it goes. Choose to eat healthy and keep trying.


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