Women, sports and Steroids

This week, the story in sports is a certain track and field star who returned her medals because of steroid use. I don’t know all the particulars and I don’t care. My questions have to do with other things. I wonder how does the use of these medications affect the life of this athlete later. There is a lot said about men and the side effects of steroids on them. I have not seeing a lot on side effects on women, if they are different.
The second question I have is why. This athletes are already superior in many ways. Why they want this troublesome edge is beyond me.
My third question is about the effect of steroid use in Women’s sports. The big tickets are left for men sports. The “cheating” of some performers is not having a positive impact on our attempts of improving circumstances for women’s sports.
I have to be honest with you. There are a lot of things I will not do in order to improve the way I look. Putting my life at risk in search for the quick fix is one of them. I hope more women are responsible enough to excel without drugs, prescribed or otherwise.


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