OK: I could not admit I had failed

I am back! The last two weeks were a test of my will to actually loose weight. After getting hit with personal tragedies for the last 6 weeks, I realized that now I have to take better care of myself than ever before. If for no other reason, so that I can survive the months ahead.
My ability to stay away from chocolate is nonexistent. But lately I have been eating more at home than ever before. I am actually eating more salmon, and I actually see fruits and vegetables on my plate on most days. I am however, still drinking a few sodas a week and I am eating chocolate every time I feel anxious, which is pretty much every day it seems. In fact, if I spend a couple of days without it, I start acting like a junkie. I know I am a chocoholic, but lately, it has turned into a scary behavior change.
But I am back on track. I plan on walking tonight after work in order to release the stresses of the day.
Will tell you tomorrow.


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