It has been a while

Yes, life sometimes gets in the way, and you forget to handle those things that might make you happy but are not really necessary. It has been a few weeks since I write at all. My journals are empty, my blog has been abandoned. Things don’t seem as important. There is a reason for this.
A few weeks ago a personal acquaintance discovered a 500 glucose level on his blood. Thanks to good diet and medication, glucose levels went back to normal. For the last three weeks, he has been able to control it with diet and some exercise. He now walks to work every day (1/2 mile), he runs some errands on foot, and then he walks back home on foot. On his days off, he might join us for our three mile walk. We all went walking on Monday and even though somewhere between my big toes and my nails, I am bleeding, we walk all three miles without any major concerns.
But after the big scare and the possible lifestyle change, I find out that the most important man in my life has leukemia. The way he is talking, he might have a couple of years left do to other complications. I am very upset, but also hopeful. Every day we have him here is one day we beat the odds. He is happy he is not under any painful treatment right now. And I understand that after you have a certain age you really don’t want to interfere with the natural order of things. But even though my brain understands him perfectly, my heart does not care. We want him here for as long as possible. That has been a little hard.
Given the circumstances, I decided to do a little research on both diabetes and leukemia. Maybe that is the motivation I need to start writing again. We’ll see. Keep trying.


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