Strenght for days

Some days, your life is not going the way you want to: family members are not healthy, money is tight, weather is bad… what are you supposed to do?
First of all, you have to understand that you are responsible for your life. For those of you who have seen the Secret, you might understand this. For the rest of us, it is very simple. It is not necessarily your fault that your family member is sick and the weather is bad, but YOUR response to this situation is entirely up to you.
In Puerto Rico right now, I have two people in my life with life threatening conditions, it has been raining non stop for two and a half days, and I am financially broke. I have two options: I can either sit and sulk or I can enjoy my days and send my positive thoughts to those who are sick so that they don’t give up. And the weather helps me too because I have not purchased an air conditioner for my office, and today work is going to be pleasant.
What circumstances surround you? What are you thinking, doing, planning around those circumstances. Be a positive influence in your family and friend’s life. Keep trying.

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