New beginnings

I now have a Myspace, although I have to work on it because it takes forever to load. I have the coolest pics of the last trip I took and I am spending some time in fixing my “online image”.
I started working the graveyard shift at work this week. I have to be honest with you, I love it. It gives me the best hours of the day: it is cool, not hot, the dogs are quiet and the volume of calls is not psychotic. I enjoy actually breathing in between calls and having a clear head from one situation to the next. And yes, I also love having my computer on and working on my stuff when I can. Also, I can file my reports on real time instead of waiting until the end of shift to do so.
I am also cleaning and de-cluttering my house since I moved some furniture around. And finally, I am de-cluttering my life. There are many things that are not necessary in my life to be happy, and the less of that I have, the happier I will be. My efforts are now on my health, my prosperity and my life. No time for losers, arrogant idiots or wannabes. It is time for me to concentrate on ME and give the best of me to my family and friends.


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