No soda – no problem

I had a soda on Sunday, and by coincidence, on Thursday realized that I had not had one in a while. Now I am doing it on purpose. That was just ONE change on my diet, and guess what? The difference is almost as big as when I quit smoking.
I had been feeling sluggish and tired. I was blaming my new work schedule (1AM to 10 AM) but I was sleeping more and better than before and I was still tired. Then this week came and I realized that I feel energetic and able to survive the eight hours without a nap and in very good spirits. I am working better and keeping track of all the tasks. I’m doing better than ever.
If this is only because of soda, can you imagine what will happen when I break free from other bad habits? How about when I start eating clean all the time? I am looking forward to the new year and now to a new me. I can see the possibilities. I welcome them. Keep trying.


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