I am doing it again – new year's resolutions

I’ve been blogging for a year now, and it has not kept me from cheating on my diet or exercising more. It has made it painfully obvious that I need to get a spine and some guts and just do what I need to do. Therefore, here are my new year’s resolutions:
1) I will finally get the ball rolling and loose one pound a week, every week for the year 2008.
2) I will exercise for a minimum of one hour, at least six days a week, until I reach my goal weight (130 lbs).
3) I will go back to school and make sure that I am enrolled before the summer of 2008 is over.
4) I will start an investment account by the end of January and contribute $50 minimum a month.
5) I will take 1/2 of my salary to create the cash flow for my company.
6) I will take 1/2 of my salary to pay $6k on my student loans (with interest and penalties will probably cover $4.5K of the actual bill.
7) I will actually join the human race and make 1 new friend a week for the whole year of 2008.
8) I will take two trips this year: one to US, one cruise.
9) I will learn to enjoy myself on EVERYTHING I do.
10) I will actually revise my list every month to make sure I am on track.
What are your resolutions? Happy NEW Year and keep trying.


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