Hear me complain? Not about this

Yesterday I had a soda. Big whoop! Today we had the family Christmas’s dinner (you see, in PR today is Three Kings Day and all 15 members of my partner’s family went to a restaurant) and I had Perrier with a lemon wedge. I could have had some soda, after all, I had some yesterday. If I was still thinking the way I did last year, I would have caved. But there were several obvious changes in the way I ordered today.
1) I had the sparkling water instead of soda or juice.
2) I had small bites of the appetizers and a little serving of bread
3) I ate most of my 8 oz. churrasco and maybe a tablespoon of rice.
4) I did have dessert, but it was a very small portion (and we should thank the restaurant for that).
I did leave the restaurant feeling stuffed. But I had only had a small meal during the day and I can curve my appetite for Monday by eating a few hundred calories spread during the day. The important thing is that I had no soda and that was while eating out in public. I am getting better at this.


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