Fear of failure or fear of success?

As I mentioned yesterday, I want to concentrate on why I can’t seem to move forward. The biggest hurdle on this journey is FEAR.
Many motivational speakers agree that fear can be the biggest motivator. But some people seem to be paralyzed by it. Is that my case?

In my life and when it comes to goals, there are only two types of fear: fear of failure and fear of success. Let’s look at both.

Failure is not an option – how many times have we heard that? It has turned into a cliché. However, most people do not want to fail. So, they would rather stay the same. Is that not failing too? The worst thing about failing is that you have to start over. But guess what? You now have an experience that you did not have before and thanks to it, you can start over with adjustments to the plan. Maybe you might even decide to start from scratch. The important thing is to keep your failure in perspective. Take what you can from the experience and then move on. A new start is a great opportunity. Failure IS a learning experience and it brings you one step closer to success.

Analyzing success is trickier. Some people do not know or they fail to acknowledge that fear of success is sometimes larger and more paralyzing than fear of failure. If you succeed, you might question your result. Why didn’t I try this before? Why did I wait so long? What should I do now? Can I repeat this?

How you deal with success is almost as important as what you accomplish. It defines the type of person you are. Go ahead. Try and succeed. Once you get there, take the time to enjoy it. Then you can decide if that is enough for you or if you want something else.

I am the kind of person that loves learning and improving. After I overcome my fears, I will be able to enjoy my success and while I enjoy my accomplishments, work towards my next goal. But the time is now and the goal is ahead of me. Let’s do this.


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