Take care of your teeth

This might get a little distasteful so stay with me, I do have a point.
In the last few months a lot has been said about the connection between health and your mouth. What people don’t understand is that if you don’t take care of your health, you are not going to care for your teeth. Specially if you consider that the average Joe is terrified of dentists.
Recently, I started working on my own dental habits. I have been dreaming of whitening my teeth for years, but I do not want to blow my money on very white teeth that are rotten on the inside.
One of those things that I do is brush for two minutes before I go to sleep. However, there is a catch. I never understood why people flossed after they brushed because no matter how good you are at spitting out, something might stay there. So my solution was to brush for a minute, floss and then brush for another minute. And now it gets ugly. I have plaque. It is all over, but the flossing and the brushing for two minutes, they are working. I still have to go to the dentist’s office for a visit. But now he thinks I take VERY good care of my teeth. Little idea does he have on what my dental habits used to be.
What is the point, take care of yourself, ALL of you, ALL the time.


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