Illness be gone

After what felt like a century, I am now beginning to feel less tired, I have my voice back, I am not coughing that much and I feel a lot better. So, if January started with a bang, medically speaking, that only means that the year is going to get better.
The thing about getting sick is that I do not get sick a lot, but I have noticed some patterns. Some times, our bodies are telling us something and we are too busy or too stubborn to pay attention. Some people feel a sore throat, others get a headache. I have a friend who has a hard time falling asleep a couple of days before she gets sick. In my case, I was extremely tired all the time. So, instead of taking it easy, I got up one day (after a month of not doing so) and decided to go for a three mile walk. Not happy with that, I had just gotten my Ipod and decided to walk as fast as before I stopped walking (due to injury, about a month before: OK, it might have been closer to two months, the point is I was inactive). The next day I was in bed and did not get up for a week. I had the flu and I lost my voice, guaranteeing no work for that week.
Now, I feel better. I am still a little sore but I think I can start walking again and following my usual exercise routine. I am confident I will accomplish my goals for the new year, which is going to be the best ever.


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