Does a cluttered life make you fat? or the other way around

I have come to the conclusion that the clutter in my house is a symptom of the clutter in my life. So, which one should I get rid of first? I have no idea.
Today I started this course on I-learn and managed to clear the floor of my home office. My reward was not food, and that felt great. It is the little triumphs of the day that make me a better person.
Last night I had pizza with fizzy water (brand shall remain nameless). The sparkling water was a refreshing substitute for the mandatory glass of soda. Something that I had always said WOULD never happen. So I am thinking smarter.
I started the day today with a bottle of water. I’ve eaten small portions more often a day. And, finally, I have lost 8 pounds since my last weight-in. (I had ballooned to an outstanding 206. I am now 198). I started walking again last week. Again, all the little triumphs. But do you notice anything?
They are all scattered things. It does not seem to be part of a cohesive plan. That is what I need to work on this week. I need to re-read the goals I set for myself and work the plan, and rework it until I get it right. Wish me luck. Keep trying.

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