Here we go again!

I have tried and failed too many times to give up now. So after two months of false starts and stops, it seems this week I am finally getting back on the exercise wagon again. I actually got wet in the rain while walking yesterday, and do not have a fever or any signs of the flu coming back. Great!
I am alternating between workouts inside and outside the house for greater flexibility in time of exercise and options. For example, today was a rainy day. I did some stationary bike and glider exercises. Tomorrow, if it is sunny, I will walk another three miles.
I am also taking my lunch break to a new level by doing some cardio before I even have breakfast. The effect is excellent. I have more energy when I go back to work.
My positive mental outlook might have something to do with the fact that I am back to my starting weight, which is 195. According to some scales, I had gone up as much as 11 pounds since the beginning of the year. If not exercising kept me at 206, and I started exercising when I got back to 195, imagine what adding the exercise will do for me. Keep trying.


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