Monday is the begining of the week?

The reason why I ask the question is because I base my week on my workweek, and on the average week, this would be my Friday. It confuses me sometimes and I know it annoys my friends, because most of them hate Mondays and I absolutely love them.

Today was a day of discoveries. I found out that not all your friends have you in the same place that you have them. For example, the love of your life might not even remember you ten years later. And that is just a fact of life. But, by the same token, a lot of people that you might think don’t even know who you were back in high school, might surprise you in many ways. Not only do they remember you sometimes, but some of them have you pegged to a T, even twenty years after they last saw you.

We sometimes give ourselves too much importance, and at other times, not enough. That is why you need to give YOU the importance you deserve. That way, it will not hurt as much if someone remembers you fondly, or not at all. You can still build a new friendship, as long as both of you are interested in a friendship. If one of you is not interested, that is called stalking, and it is not a good idea. (LOL)

Just be yourself, be happy with the way you are right now, and if you want to improve something, do it for yourself, not to impress ANYONE else. Keep trying.


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