I found something useful – keys to live life now

I receive a lot of emails about health and fitness, because one of my goals is that once I conquer my demons, I would like to help others do the same. One of my favorites is a guy called Matt Furey. He is funny, irreverent and sends some pearls of wisdom.

I do not always keep up with my emails and so once a month I take one of my files and read two or three months worth of emails (one of my goals for this year is to actually empty all my folders so that I can read things when they arrive, but that is another subject). I found this message from Matt about the 6 Keys to Living Now. I reprint it here with his permission and include his link, for your enjoyment.

6 Keys to Living NOW

Hi Rox,
Here are 6 health secrets that will put you in
the present moment – giving you peace of mind.

1. When you go to sleep at night – sleep as if this is
the last time you will ever have the opportunity.

2. When you arise in the morning – push away from
the bed and immediately begin to move your body.
Leave your bed behind the same way you would
discard a pair of worn socks.

3. When speaking to someone – give him or her the
feeling there is no one more important to whom you
will ever speak.

4. When eating, take time to taste each and every

5. While at work, focus on your breathing, observe
how you do what you do, and think of it as practice.

6. When you exercise, smile into every movement.
If you find a painful expression on your face, lighten

Do these things today and for the rest of your life
and you won’t go wrong.

Combat Conditioning – http://mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html
will make it easy for you to push away from your bed each day.

I recommend Dao Zou – http://mattfurey.com/dao_zou.html – it’ll
help you unwind you mind, reduce stress and increase memory and
brain power.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

P.S. What about making your bed in the morning. Tis best to get to
a position where someone does it for you :). Until then, do it
yourself. With a smile, of course.

Just so you know, I did not profit from this post. I truly believe this is great advice, and I was more than willing to pass it on for free. You are welcome to visit Matt’s website, and if you do, let him know that you heard it from me. This is my way of thanking him for letting me use his speech. Keep trying.


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