Slow but steady

Yesterday, I went for a 3 1/2 mile walk that I love to do in the afternoon. It was about 6 PM and my companion and I were talking about the current affairs of the area where we live. We live in a beach town and since it was Sunday, there was a lot of traffic, and a lot of people running around, enjoying the beach and having a good time. They seldom care for the property of the townspeople, which is why some people hate all those “unknowns” running around in their neighborhoods. I figure, if you live in a beach town, you know what the risks are so “grin and bear it”. Besides, in a slow economy, at least the businesses are doing well with all the food and drinks those people are buying, so why complain?

As wonderful as the walk was, I felt short of breath during most of the walk. I am working out almost every day, so it was not lack of exercise. I quit smoking over a year ago, so that was not the problem either. There was a lot of cars around, but only for part of the walk, the other half was through a serene area. The problem was something called the Sahara dust. It is one of those things that happen in this world full of climate changes and geographical mysteries. It made me short of breath yesterday, and today I was hopeless. I might as well stay inside today and avoid the same fate.

Staying home allowed me to concentrate on some priorities. The most important priority for me right now, apart from improving my health, is organizing my work area. As I write this now, I am surrounded by paperwork that needs to be filled, books to be read, ideas to be worked on, fans (it is hot in the tropics) and so many articles and pictures that I ripped from magazines to serve as inspiration. The day today seems to have no logic, purpose or accomplishments. But in the process of filing old bills, checking new magazines, organizing my ideas and the contents of those articles, I am moving closer, not only to the goal of organizing my work area, but also to organizing my life. In the end, that is part of the master plan.

So, if the day seems to be slow and you are not getting a lot done, and your health is not the best, do as much as you can and understand that every little bit helps. And who knows, maybe seing the little victories will ispire you to do some bigger ones. Keep trying.


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