Working out is really hard?

Yesterday I went to play tennis with my friends. They beat the tar out of me. This is the first time I go to play and I am sore the next morning.

I do not believe that exercise has to hurt. I know that I will be sore when I use muscles I have not used in a while, but not in pain. That is not the idea and some scientist are with me on that. And even though I do not play well, I love playing tennis. If I am happy, it is good exercise. If I am upset, it is an effective way of dealing with stress. It does not hurt that the courts near my friend’s house are in front of the beach, adding a little more ambiance to the scene.

Last night, I was so tired, I even forgot to comment on my thoughts. It is interesting how a decision can impact so many areas of your life. I decided to exercise for health and not for weight. And now, it is harder for me to say no to exercise. Today I have three options: I can go play tennis again, I can go walk 3 1/2 miles, or I can stay home and do NOTHING. I am going to pick one of the first two, and the reason is simple. When I was exercising for weight loss, I really did not care if I missed a workout. I would just go and do more the next day. But now, I am working for my health, and every little bit helps. Does that make sense? What do you think?

Keep trying.

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