New haircut, bad attitude, a beginning

Yesterday I decided to chop all my hair off. I left the hair salon with about 1/4 inch hair on my scalp. Today, after looking at myself in the mirror, for the 100th time, I realized I have too many gray hairs. They upset me, not because they are gray, but because they make me look frumpy. Today, at some point, I shall eliminate them.

When I got my haircut, I felt free. No more worrying about hairdos, and the sweating, the not looking polished. Then it hit me than in order to look like a girl, I have to wear makeup and earrings… not my favorite things. But in a very weird way, I would rather do that, than brush my hair and see it all disappear after the first wind hits me. Isn’t that weird? A woman who has never liked to put makeup on, is looking forward to spending too many minutes in front of the mirror, trying to look good. That would probably be because, I am doing it for me, not for anyone else. That is priceless to me.

The haircut did not get the reaction I expected. That came with a price. I did not want to leave the house last night. In fact, I did not want to leave the house today. The thing about having a bad attitude is that you miss out on a lot of great things because of it. So, today, after feeling sorry for myself for a few hours, I am walking to the movie theater to watch a movie, sporting my new hairdo and smiling all the way there. If the endorphins don’t get to me, the change in attitude will.

I explained the New haircut…I explained the bad attitude, now for the beginning. Yesterday I started, yet again, a list of things to do today. I called it the Accomplishments. I am doing pretty well so far. Instead of concentrating on the fact that I did not wake up at 6:30 AM as planned, I am celebrating that I did wake up at 7:00 AM, and so far, all the things on the list from 7 – 10 AM are done. I did a couple of things that were supposed to be done later in the day in order to find the half hour I lost and try to stick to the list. Tomorrow I will have yet another list, and I will keep doing it until it becomes a habit (in say, 90 days). In theory, 90 days create a habit. In theory, you should work with what works for you, no matter what anyone says.

A little while back, someone told me that I should not make lists or try to follow a schedule. The result of that was that I have wasted two months of my life and I am at a point in my life when enjoying life means getting more things done, not less. Yesterday I wrote down what I wanted to do today. From now on, if this is what works for me, this is what I am going to do. I apologize if that is not the way other people do things, but I like to see where I’m going instead of trying to wing it. I hope all affected understand.
Keep trying.


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