Short term savings might lead to health crisis in the future

I read somewhere that the recent economic crisis was having a negative impact on the obesity of America. That also holds true for other countries. The simple equation is:

less money = more fat

In essence, people are cutting costs at home by purchasing the wrong foods, thinking that they can survive the economic crunch. As always, humans thinking in the short term and completely ignoring the long term effects of their actions.

I have no problem spending more money on food and making sure that it is high quality. I believe that as the years go by, people might understand more and more what I mean. Yes, it is true that if you purchase cheaper food now, you might save a couple of bucks. But five or ten years from now, you are going to spend a lot more money on medications and treatments that you could have avoided if you pick your groceries based on freshness and quality instead of cheap and plenty.

Another thing that I noticed is how people think that they are saving money by shopping in two or three different supermarkets. They are not considering the money they are spending on gas or the stress that they are causing in their lives by going for two or three shopping trips instead of one. Maybe people should consider the possibility on making different trips on different weeks. The idea of several trips is also bad for the environment, which again, will revert in more expensive things later on.

As more information is gathered about the foods we eat and the types of diseases it generates, we must focus on health now, and try cutting costs in other areas, like maybe getting a bike instead of driving a car, or walking to the shopping court close to home. Those changes will give you more money in your pocket, will help the environment and will make you healthier.

Keep trying.


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