Keep trying – why is it important

Every time I write a post, the last line says, keep trying. Do you know why this is so?

Many times we start a new workout routine or a new diet, or make healthy changes. More often than not, we do not see changes right away. In my particular situation, I have only seen a couple of pounds in over six months. Changes, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder.

One day I was taking a shower, absent minded as usual. When I was soaping up my legs, I noticed something. My calves were like rocks. I mean, really, you could not carve better calves out of marble. That was the first time, in over six months that I actually noticed my calves. And then, I noticed other things.

I am not as tired as I used to be. When I go play tennis with my friends, I actually last longer, and my body hurts less. I am in a very grumpy mood if I don’t do anything “athletic” one day. My arms are looking better, my skin is great and I am hungry for real food ALL the time.

So, I only lost two pounds. But health wise, I feel like a new person. In fact, my back does not hurt as much when I get out of bed. I used to crawl out of bed because I could not stand up. It is amazing how good I feel compared to last year. But I only lost two pounds. Who cares? The reason why I say keep trying is because it is true that the longer you keep at it, the more possibilities that you see and feel the results, and isn’t that better than a number on the scale?

Keep trying.


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