The lesson learned in taking my time

This week I did not play tennis. I walked one day this week, so far. I did my arm exercise routine once this week. I live in a town that is going through some Water Company restructuring, which means that the water supply has been limited. It is ninety something degree weather and I don’t know when we have water or not so I try to sweat as little as possible.

In essence, I had to take is slow this week. I needed that. It seems that even though I am not working right now, I am more stressed than ever. I am studying for a college application test, working on starting an online business, looking for part-time work, fixing my credit, fixing my car, fixing myself….doing, doing, and more doing. Where is the joy in that?

This week I had to take it slow because I had a bad wrist and the problem with the water supply. Today I realized that I have enjoyed this week more than most. I was able to go through my wardrobe and get ready for the season, I read some magazines, finished a couple of books and actually ate at home more often than not. Life has been good this week. Even with the short water supply, I have managed to wash four loads of laundry. I have done some things that I truly like and have made life changing decisions, like getting rid of a “friend” that was draining my energy or instead of pouncing on an inept Education Board member, write a letter, let it rest and now work on a strategy to improve my daughter’s education system. Life is challenging, but if you don’t take a step back every once in a while, you miss all the opportunities.

Oh, and by the way, I have not gained a pound this week. So the rest did not become a mayor setback, except for maybe my backhand. Keep trying.


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