Health, nutrition and exercise

Today I decided to start a new routine. Although I am exercising a minimum of one hour a day, three days a week, I decided that was not enough. I have been paying for a membership to a health and exercise site for months, seems logical that I should actually try to work out based on what I get from this place.

The site belongs to a famous tv coach, who is well known for her kick ass, take no prisoners type of training. I absolutely love her and I like her because she was fat, and then she lost weight and became a trainer. Although she is too young to know what I am going through at 41, she knows that changing health habits is not easy.

I actually took a look at her meal plan and with some tweaking, I made it more palatable to myself, and had to break some meal choices in half since I do six meals a day, and she does four. But I was able to set up a structure in writing, which includes more exercise and better nutrition. So far today, I had two meals already. I’m not going to lie, they looked very small on the plate, but I am shocked at how satisfied I feel. This is very easy.

My interest in her workouts was the actual exercise. I decided not to concentrate so much on a number on the scale, and focus more on a size of clothing (9-10), a specific look (more strong, healthy and muscular as opposed to chubby), and a feeling (vibrant and awake as opposed to tired and barely awake). I will keep you posted.

Keep trying.


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