Peace, happiness…all feelings are a choice

As I prepare myself to take this blogging thing seriously, I remind myself that all feelings are a choice. On other occasions, I have talked about the accountability of a person. You choose what happens to you. It is the law of attraction. You also choose how you react to something, and you definitely choose how you feel about everything.

As I am doing more research into what motivates me, as a human being, and prepare for some big changes that are coming in my life, I remind myself…happiness is a choice. If you decide to be happy, nothing that happens around you can change that.

This weekend I was watching Oprah Winfrey’s Soul Series, and a lady by the name of Byron Katie made a comment that stuck with me: there is Your business, Others business and God’s business. You only have control over your own.

As I prepare to do many new things in the next few months, and plan my daughter’s graduation trip, her change from high school to college, and help her in the admissions and selection process, I rejoice in the opportunity of a new beginning for her. Most people assume that I am going to get depressed and terrified because she is my only daughter and I cannot live without her. I am not sad that she is leaving, I am happy. She needs to start her own life, hopefully a happy one. But that is her problem, not mine. I am just a mother that loves her daughter. That is my reality, and as far as I can see, that is not a problem.

You choose how you feel about everything. Choose wisely and keep trying.

PS. The people in the picture are my brother (RIP), myself, and the baby that is no longer a baby and going to college next year. I am very proud of her.


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