Walking – not good only for the benefits of exercise

Yesterday, I took a five mile walk with the company I keep. This person offered interesting insight on my personality and helped me cleared up what I should do for the next few months. During this walk, we exercised the body and the mind and cleared some cobwebs out of mine, specifically.

I feel frustrated (like most unemployed people do from time to time). It is not a good combination to feel blue about loosing a job (it is kind of loosing a little part of yourself), feeling like things are not going well (because you live far away from anything and you have no means of transportation) and broke. It is the kind of combination of things that make you think “Oh, what the hell, I might as well have another cookie”.

But you need to look beyond the sad circumstances and think more creatively. Thanks to this walk, I exposed myself to a little vitamin D, had some fresh air (walked on the beach), cleared the mind and came up with some really great ideas. That was not the only benefit. My legs got a little stronger, my cheeks got a little color and my outlook is not that gloomy. Bring it on.

And you, keep trying.


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