High Fructose Corn Syrup – the commercials

A personal trainer I subscribe to sent a post letting us know about these commercials. I am not doing them the favor of linking them to my message or the website behind them. But when I saw the commercials, I thought it was a joke. And then I got angry, and after five minutes I started trying to find ways to let people know that sometimes you need more than facts.

Yes, HFCS is made of corn, which I guess means, it is natural, and it might even have the same calories as sugar. But that does not make it good for you. The only sugars that are good for you, are the ones that are naturally living in those fruits and vegetables you eat. If you have to add something to a product, it stops being the “natural” version. And HFCS is a processed thing, which means that at some point, a machine or a human messed with it. I believe that trumps being natural.

I gave all the people involved a simple example. R is a young, relatively healthy, 41 year old male. Last year, exactly, one year ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes. His sugar level was over 500 (that is the maximum the machine will show and his was so high the machine could not give an accurate reading). A week after, his sugar was at 350. By the way, healthy sugar level is below 100. In fact, when you wake up, before you eat, your sugar should be around 80 or less, I believe. After a month on medication to stabilize his sugar level, he was able to kick the medication with one simple change to his diet – stay away from HFCS. Even though we’ve had months when he exercises 3 to 4 times a week, and months when he can’t, his sugar level has kept normal ranges. I think the proof is in the example.

Why is this initiative being distributed? I guess because it is a multi-billion dollar company who is beginning to feel the pressure of the consumer and decided to defend themselves. Don’t let them confuse you, no sugar is really healthy. And the sugar they are talking about, that white powder that you put in your coffee in the morning, is processed. Real sugar comes from a cane, and is not good for you unless you are getting your sugar from fruits and vegetables. And the more sugar you consume, the less you taste it. Your taste buds are so full of sugar they no longer feel it. Don’t give in to this tactic. Stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup.


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