Three days later – I'm holding on out of fury

On Friday night I vowed not to drink my favorite soda out of sheer fury because of government corruption and businesses who thought they “owned the government”. I am happy to report that I did not have soda on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Except for a 15 minute episode last night, where I was having a snack and I could have really used my Coke, I decided to use a trick I learned from Tony Robbins and shift my focus to something completely different. It worked great.

When my friend L stopped drinking soda (due to his diagnosis of diabetes), the first effect was what I called the “bursting of the bubble” syndrome. My interpretation; all that soda pop has the effect of inflating you like a balloon, and when you stop taking it, you deflate. In less than a week he looked ten pounds slimmer. Unfortunately, he discovered Zero drinks and has gained all that balloon look back. But his sugar is stable without medication. I am beginning to see the same effects on me, which is why I explained his situation.

This morning, I had no trouble zipping up my jeans to walk to the post office. Usually, when I wake up in the mornings, I feel bloated. Today was the first day I did not feel that way. I can see the veins in my feet again and I am hoping that in the next few weeks, I will be able to stop taking the water retention pills that have become part of my daily regimen.

It is my belief that everything happens for a reason. I needed a powerful reason to stay away from soda, yet will power alone does not really work for me. I wanted something that made me swing into action. I was able to find that help in an external situation. I do not like the way policing agencies like the Feds and the local police authorities deal with crime. The idea to give in to one crook to catch another is merit less. I believe that they should receive some sort of punishment. But until the time comes when this agencies do something, I think my hard earned dollars can do the talking for me. And if my body finally gets that last push it needs to start showing all the exercising that I am doing, even better.

Keep trying.


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