Storm’s brewing and you need to keep your cool

Small post today, we are getting ready for a tropical storm here.
That is the reason for my post. Usually, this would be the perfect opportunity to stray from your goals for several reasons:
1) you are anxious
2) your food choices are dictated by whether you have electricity, gas stove, etc.
3) it’s raining outside and you are stuck indoors.

This year, I thought more carefully. Yes, I got the token canned goods in order to have a hot meal at some point (I do have a gas stove and cook top). But I also have some fruit for a couple of days, plenty of water, tuna with crackers and other goodies that will make this healthier than usual.

Even though I do want to take advantage of the opportunity and get some soda (in a can), I am making sure that we have plenty of water, some natural juice (for variety) and milk, and a beach cooler that holds the ice temperature for up to five days (we have tested it a couple of times and it works, even in hot weather). The beach cooler can hold a water bottle, a juice bottle, a milk bottle and about three days worth of food, if needed.

As far as the exercise and the anxiety, I have a stationary bike and a stationary butt and leg exercise machine which are both great for aerobic workouts. I also have free weights and enough rip sheets from the magazines to keep me occupied, even if we have no electricity. And I saved some water to be able to take some sort of bath if the water is also taken away.

So, I am ready. Now I have to give up my computer while I finish setting up. Tell me what you think, and if you have some suggestions, send them anyway. I might be able to see them here or with our laptop computer.

Keep trying and don’t forget to write.


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