Storm took a detour but I am exhausted

Ok, I’m not going to lie. I hate hurricanes. I don’t see it as an opportunity to reflect on life or anything. I see it as a pain in my side and yet another test to my ability to stay home without going absolutely crazy.

Well, guess what? The storm never came. We are only going to get loads of water in the next ten hours. All I am praying for is that they don’t start until I see the finale for Project Runway.

I am exhausted and in no mood to write, but I know that only by saying exactly how I feel, can I look back in a few months and see where I was and where am I going.

In a more positive note, I am taking a short course on about creating a web site. I love it, even though I waited for the last possible minute to take it (I have until Friday and I started last night). But to be honest with you, I’ve learned so much in the first three lessons that if I don’t get a chance to finish the other three, I know I will be on my way.

Hopefully it will help me jazz this up a little bit…or myspace. Keep trying.


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