From happiness to dissapointment all in one day

Today, I finally broke the 200 pound line. I officially weight 199.6 pounds. And I am still at that time of the month when I am retaining water. I screamed when I saw that. I was really happy. I was excited for the day ahead, election day. It is a new day and I have a great outlook.

Now, it is 7:30 PM and the election results for PR are in. The people of the Commonwealth of PR just elected a man that is turning this country over to the 100 richest people in the country in order to “revive” the economy. When have you ever seen a millionaire do something for the good of the “people”. When a millionaire is into making money for his company or his business, he does not give a damn about anyone else. There are only a few notable exceptions to that rule, like Oprah and Tiger Woods, but even Ted Turner and Bill Gates made huge fortunes BEFORE they decided to help others. I’m astonished at the results, but it all goes to show you, people will do the weirdest things.

So I am upset about the results and extremely dissapointed. However, I am not going to sit there and eat and have yet another reason to get upset. I am going to clean my office and start working towards the next twenty pounds. I am going to make an action plan for the party I have on the 15th, and I am going to plan my birthday. And then, I will sit down and figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Because the life I have now, in the place that I am now, is not healthy for me. Hopefully tomorrow I will be in a better mood, but right now, I am giving myself permission to be upset, without stuffing myself with food.

Keep trying.


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