What is my purpose in life?

As the 21st approaches, and I am getting ready to celebrate my forty-second birthday, I am inspired by one of many books I am reading to come up with a purpose for my life. As I sat down and did the exercises that helped me create such a goal, I started thinking about the direction of my blog.

I am not only here to loose weight (I have now spent ten days at 199), but to inspire others to achieve their potential. I hope that my good times will teach others things to try and my mistakes will serve as inspiration…at least I am willing to try new things in order to get healthy and look good. This is the one place where I have kept my thoughts for the longest time. I should embrace my purpose in life and teach through this.

So, you may be wondering, what goal did I come up with? What is my purpose?

My purpose is to use my creativity and my ability to learn on the fly to teach others and help them achieve a world in which we all take care of the planet and each other.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to do it, and how to make a living while doing that, and I will be in the right path. Keep trying.


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